Neom: What Is It & Is It Significant?

Recently I watched a Video that discused the newly proposed city in Saudi Arabia and asked the question “Could this be the re-imerging of the ancient city of Babylon from the Bible”? This page will attempt to compile info about this city as it becomes reality along with comentary I deem pertinant and illumination about the city.

Wikipedia:  NEOM

The following quote comes from The “EurasiaReview.com03162018

“NEOM is a dreamland for whomever may possess the ability and fortitude to innovate for all mankind.” With these simple words, a new era was ushered in the Arabian Peninsula at the official launch of NEOM by Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.

The acronym NEOM is composed of two parts: The first is derived from the Latin word neo (new), and, the second, letter m, represents the Arabic word for future: mostaqbal. Collectively, NEOM spells “New Future!” A place where innovative technologies call home, it’s where dreams come true. A place where ambitious and creative minds come together and compete in a knowledge-based society to bring about prosperity for all. A utopia on Earth, if you will. One of its many aspects, and there are quite a few, is to export innovation and secure a leading position for the country among technologically advanced and self-sufficient nations of the world. Through integration of national pride and scientific exploration into the fabric of an ancient society anchored deep in tradition and values, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia….”

NOTE: The rest of this page will be in “blog “ order with the newest entries following in reverse order, that is, in reverse chronological order with the exception of entries containing multiple parts.  Blessings, Hank

Here’s a new (6/18) video from where Derek Gilbert @derekgilbert interviews Joel Richardson about “Mystery Babylon “, Check it out!


A February, 2018 Video regarding the economic & political impact of Neom to check out on YouTube:


These are Videos you can watch which contain the teaching of David Rosenthal from where I first learned about the New Utopia planned for Saudi Arabia.







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